At Fritztile, we are dedicated to offering terrazzo floor tile with an emphasis on beauty and durability. Fritztile is perfect for high-traffic areas where longevity and low-maintenance requirements are demanded. Architects, designers and facility managers have specified Fritztile for installations worldwide as an affordable alternative to traditional poured in place terrazzo and other hard surface flooring. 

Fritztile is a flexible, resilient and low-maintenance system that can be installed as easily as VCT, usually within 24 hours. Fritztile is complemented by a complete line of specialty flooring sealers, adhesives and cleaners formulated specifically for use with terrazzo tile. 

At Fritztile, we are dedicated to offering innovative, environmentally friendly commercial flooring products that are durable, comfortable and easy to maintain. 

Fritztile is a brand of The Stonhard Group, a division of StonCor Group, Inc.